Looking through old scrapbooks and home-videos from Mary-Michael’s childhood, you’ll be hard pressed to find a page or a tape that doesn’t show her with an instrument or microphone in her hands. Self-admittedly, Mary-Michael has been obsessive when it comes to all things music for as long as she can remember. The only thing that might rival her love for music is her passion for leadership…and maybe cats.

As a kid in the suburbs of Atlanta, Mary-Michael loved music, and as all good stories begin, young Mary-Michael’s journey started in a middle school talent show (that she won-of course). But she’ll tell you she didn’t want to be on the stage. For her, becoming a musician was more of a love story, falling into the music and learning to build it from the ground up. It took time. She was content with the relationship she was building with her music. That is until the leader in her rose up. And after years of shyly identifying herself as “just a guitar player,” at the age of 17, Mary-Michael began to own the calling so many had already seen in her: she was created to lead worship & help build the Church.

With the exhilarating new life that comes discovering and walking in your calling, Mary-Michael ran toward Jesus and his plans for her, full-speed. So before graduating high school she began stepping into roles speaking and leading worship. She was finding her voice, and what started in local camps and schools ended with her leading worship at Passion City Church.

With this, her love for leadership grew, and so did her confidence. Mary-Michael began digging into songwriting which led her to Belmont University where she graduated with an interdisciplinary degree in Songwriting, Sports & Exercise Science, and Theology.

Mary-Michael would say the most formative experiences of her life so far happened during her college years. It was then that she led worship with Winshape Camps, Passion Conference, and Delight Ministries. She stepped onto stages she could never imagine, spoke truth to students, sang the words she labored over on paper, and realized- this is where she belonged. 

MM knows that years and years of doubting her own ability, yet still being given opportunities, led her to understand that she hasn’t earned her way onto a single platform but rather God has placed her there. And out of that quiet confidence, she leads fearlessly, captivatingly, and full of wonder. 

Mary-Michael has since returned to Atlanta and is now a part of the Worship team and Students team at Passion City Church. Her new debut single “Faithful Again” released in February of 2018 and believe it when we say, this is only the beginning.

Whether you’re looking for someone to do studio guitar work, teach a worship leader/team workshop, write, speak, or lead worship, you’ll be hard pressed to find anyone more passionate or willing to serve you and your ministry than Mary-Michael.